Geek Girl Meetup is setting up in London!

GeekGirlMeetup - Save the Planet, help a non-geek catch up! GeekGirlMeetup is setting up in London! Join us at an un-conference in Shoreditch later this spring and take part in sessions, talks and workshops, where you not only learn from other people but also share your own knowledge and experience by giving a talk or hosting an event of some sort – what is up to you.

GeekGirlMeetup is an un-conference for and by women and girls interested in all things web, code and start-up. Our goal is to highlight female role models in the tech industry and create new networks for relationship-building, mentoring and sharing of ideas – and, of course, to have fun! We do this by creating a platform for all participants to share their knowledge and experience with other GeekGirls. The focus on exchange is important; we want everyone to take part.

GeekGirlMeetup was founded in Sweden in 2008 by Heidi Harman and Andie Nordgren. Networks already exist in four Swedish cities as well as in Denmark and Mexico. We hope that you are as excited about knowledge exchange as we are!

For more information about global GeekGirl activities, please visit