The Geeky Girls behind GGM UK

As Sunday and the first spectacular GeekGirlMeetup is approaching it is in place to introduce some of the wonderful individuals who voluntarily made all of this happen. Heidi Harman (@HeidiHarman), who co-founded GeekGirlMeetup in Sweden, is the core of GeekGirlMeetup UK and has brought the team together. No one who meet with Heidi can avoid being inspired by her drive and passion for tech, entrepreneurship and geeky stuff.

Josefine Hedlund (@josefinehedlund) was one of Heidi's first recruits for GGM UK. Josefine currently works as a producer at an interactive digital agency by Silicon Roundabout. Before moving to London she attended several GeekGirlMeetups in Stockholm, and got really excited when Heidi suggested that they would arrange a meet up in London.

Josefine is the watching over the nitty gritty details for Sunday's event and she is making sure that everything gets done and nothing is forgotten. Josefine also brought Kate Sigrist (@katesigrist) to GGM UK who has been helping with designing our wonderful badges and posters. The amazing video was produced by our creative contributor, Nidia Dias and Linnea Dunne (@linneajosefina) has been supporting us with her excellent copywriting skills.

The geek girl Josephine Goube (@JosephineGoube), a happy-go-lucky french-londoner running a start-up accelerator called Springboard London has also helped immensely. Josephine is always rumbling about the ratio in tech conference and after writing a blog post on that annoying undying girls in tech debate, she met with Heidi who got her onboard the GGM team.

Magdalena Kron (@MyKron), was told about GeekGirlMeetup from friends in Sweden and fell in love with the concept. As she meet with Heidi the first time she was thrilled to help bringing GGM to the UK. Currently she is finishing her MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship and are also working on a web based startup.

Last but not least, GGM on Sunday would be chaos without Emily Green's (@greenEmilyMay) dedication to setting up the programme of speakers (with the help from all the inspirational girls wanting to share their knowledge). Emily is a true geek girl who wrote her first program when she was 14, and she loved it.  Today her skills and choice of language has evolved and nowadays she is a Haskell (+ a bit of JavaScript) developer for a young Swedish startup.  Emily likes the feeling of meeting and hanging out with other women who know and love their techy sh*t, and don't we all agree with her?

GeekGirlMeetup UK also would like to thank our sponsors who are supporting us to bring all Geeky Girls together on Sunday!

We are excited to see you there!