Rocket science huh!

Austronaut The SCC is hosting an entrepreneurship event this thursday where Cecilia Hertz will be speaking. Cecilia runs the her space company in Sweden after have worked with NASA. Anyone interested in some more rocket science applied in the real world, go this talk, its so worth it! That is if you can get a seat. 

Deatils: During Cecila Hertz last two years at Lund Institute of Technology she worked with space design with both NASA and its European counterpart, ESA and upon graduating in 2001, Cecilia defied all the frequent warnings that she would never be able to establish a space design company in Sweden and started Umbilical Design. In 2009 Umbilical Design was one of ten European companies that the ESA designated the National Technology Transfer Initiatives (NTTI) - an initiative aiming to transfer technology from the space sector to the industry sector. Moreover, Cecilia, together with partners from the private and public sectors, also developed the Down to Earth initiative. An initiative focusing on taking advantage of the ideas, methods and materials used in the space industry and render them of practical use to industries and areas of application on the ground. The innovations produced by Umbilical Design have been used in everything ranging from helmets, the forest industry, the building sector and in protective gloves.

Time: 19.00 - 21.00 Venue: Credit Suisse, 45 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5JG Price: Free for JCC Members, £10 for SCC Members and non-members.