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The first ever GeekGirlMeetup in the UK was held in London at the Google Campus, hosting closer to 3 strands with 34 talks. Thanks to the 32 speakers out of the 100 participants, we had a chance to be viewing some amazing talks on development languages like Arduino, LaTeX, Haskell as well as startup experiences from several entrepreneurs. The talks were distributed to the Swedish channel online on via our livestream that Anna Sandberg from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) provided, very much shanks to our sponsors who supported us all the way.

We are very happy with the partnering with ThoughtWorks, Google Campus, Society46 and the Swedish Institute.


Ellen Sundh: Sound of football (Keynote speaker)

Susan Mar: Onsite Interactive Installations Shara Tochia: Starting-up Fitness Freak (Facebook) Anna Sandberg: Streaming

Paula Graham: Privacy and Openness in Social Networking Robyn Exton: Starting up dating site with a side of marketing Ellen Sundh: Creative Circuits

Trisha Gee: Why you should open source your code Itxaso del Palacio: How do I tap into university talent? Becky Stewart: A Means to Interact - a Guided Tour of Arts Programming Platforms (Slides + GitHub)

Stefania Delprete: Introduction to LaTeX Alex Hardy: basic legal know-how for a start-up Geek Girl Sabina Bhandari & Sarah Palmer: Lady Geek

Alison McGreavey: Creating QR codes in Java Alexia Pinchbeck: Retail Startup BikiniFling Trisha Gee: Meet a Mentor (Graduated developer community)

Jamie Tolentino: Why you should learn how to code Bethany Koby: Starting-up Technology Will Save Us Anne J Simmons: What if we could alter the perception of "The Software Developer"?

Maria Gomez: TDD JavaScript Olivia Solon: Panel + Discussion 'Girl Ghetto?'

Emma Wright: Ebooks and code in publishing Kuan Hon: Cookie law essentials - websites, blogs, mobile apps too! Stine Hulvej: demystifying the dark art of SEO

Lauren Craig: Not Being a Geek Jill Irving: Mobile Apps Fast Ingela Ottosson: Google Bowling

Annalisa Sarasini + Trisha Gee: electronic trading Heidi Harman: The story of GGM Alison Wheeler: Internationalisation and Localisation

Caroline Dahl: Code in Molecular Dynamics (homepage) Lisa Long: How to Control Friends and Manipulate People, aka an Introduction to Game Design Collaborative: Speed dating for team mates

The Swedish GeekGirlMeetup in Stockholm is held at the Technical Museum in Stockholm, Technik museet, hosting days for 250 women, on the theme “Beautiful data” the 26+27th of May.


BBC OutRiders by Jamillah Knowles, 1 May 2012.

Hackney Gazette thursday 26/4.

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