Smile, it's startup development!

SMILE (Selected Mentors and Interims for London Enterprises), part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, welcomes you to StartUps with Rob Fitzpatrick, the man behind The StartUp Toolkit, and Sal Virani. In this one-day workshop, you'll hear great advice and techniques to get your startup off to a full sprint. You will need to be a registered business already to qualify (registered in London, otherwise you'll need to show proof of trading in London). If you are NOT a registered business, unfortunately you are not eligible to attend this event. 1-day founder-centric intensive workshop This fun, fast-paced workshop is a crash course in the most practical tools of lean startup, taught by entrepreneurs who have been there (and who still are!)

You'll leave with the tools & knowledge to launch this week instead of this year, to learn quickly, and--with a little luck--to get real market traction within the next 4 months.

Attendees will leave with a solid foundation in the practice and principles of:

  • Lean startup strategy
  • Business model innovation
  • Sources of fast progress & traction
  • The basics of how startup funding & equity works
  • Resources & support available in London

Ongoing support is provided via a weekly, 1-hour group braintrust, a peer-to-peer support format focused on peer accountability to keep us all on track and catch problems early.

Link to signup.