TheGivingLab Hack days in November at Google Campus!

The Giving Lab hack days are held on the 24+25th of November, want to bring together talent in coding, business ideas, design to create new ways of giving with charity  API's.

Eventbrite - TheGivingLAB - Hackdays 24+25th of November

Event hosted at Google Campus. Sign up now!

Stretch your ideas We collaborate to create and test new ideas for products, apps, tools and experiences that benefit UK charities. For example helps people see exactly where their money is going and to hear back from the people they helped. It's not all serious, we're working on Britain's biggest fart app to support a fundraising event and a group of gamers are creating Dictatorville, a freemium game, where your dictator can only acquire extra powers through charity donations. We run regular hack days, to bring  together groups of passionate people with a variety of skills in coding, business ideas, marketing and design to create radically new ways of giving, using the API's of See The Difference and from October

The best result is getting real stuff deployed to the word The Giving Lab wants to get at least one great idea released from each hack day (we are hosting several this autumn). So we're offering some extra incentives:

Programme The + 50 participants will upon arrival be able to hear previous participants experience/inspiration, ideate new ideas, create groups and start working. The hack days will be facilitated with planned mentorship meetups to keep everyone up to speed and leave no team left behind.

1. HACK DAYS  The Giving Lab will host several hack days during autumn 2012 aiming to get one functioning idea deployed from each event.

2. WIN BOOTCAMP MENTORSHIP  The hack days will provide mentors, inspiration, food and beverage. The winning idea from each hack days weekend will win bootcamp support from mentors, win educational hours to finish run that extra last mile, and deploy the idea.

3. FAME AND GLORY, DEPLOY The idea will be deployed in the app-store, as a web page or other suitable idea bearer. The winning ideas will receive recognition and we aim to collaborate with our media partners to give you the fullest fame and glory you deserve for this noble cause.

More info and sign-up at @thegivinglab

FAQ: Rights to apps? The initiators and creators of the apps will be credited, all apps and code created will be licensed and released under a creative commons licence for charitable use.

The Giving Lab background The Giving Lab is a initiative by the See The Difference (Registered Charity: 1127980), aiming to create new ways of giving to charities. We are supported by NESTA, Comic Relief, The Baring Foundation, Cabinet Office, Nominent Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Pears Foundation and Serene.

Eventbrite - TheGivingLAB - Hackdays 24+25th of November