GeekGirlMeetup at Oxford University

Geek Girl Meetup is holding its first ever University showcase un-conference at Oxford University on February 17th, between 13.00 and 18.00 at the Founders Room in the Said Business School. The afternoon will revolve around empowering more female students that are interested in technology and entrepreneurship. There will be 8 distinguished female entrepreneurs and technologists that will speak about what it is like to found a company, and go through a product lifecycle (idea, concept, design, development, marketing, financing, and growth). There will also be discussions allowing every participant to share their knowledge with others and ask questions.

Geek Girl Meetup's goal is to create new networks and elevate female role models in the tech industry. Eventbrite - GeekGIrlMeetup at Oxford University Date: February 17th, 2013 Time: 13.00 - 18.00 Location: at the Founders Room in the Said Business School, Oxford, United Kingdom

We are also very proud to have KING as sponsors making it possible to have the event, thank you KING!KING tiny GeekGirlMeetup

The below speakers are confirmed and the event will start at 13.00 so please arrive earlier, the founders room in the Said Business School will open from 12.30pm on the day:

The Plunge (deciding that you want to start a company)  Dawn Draisey, founder at Viewed Media.

Idea to Creation Janna Bastow, Head of Product at BraveNewTalent, the founder and a hacker behind prodPad, and the co-founder of European Product Group, the folks behind,ProductTank, and ProductCamp London. Her blog is SimplyBastow.

Product Design and User Experience Cecile Baird, is a designer who brought Product Design Guild from Silicon Valley to London.

Building an MVP (10 steps) Robyn Exton, founder at Dattch.

Marketing, SEO and Social Media Amber Raney-Kincade, founder at Raney-Kincade and Marketing Specialist.

Thoughts on Customer Development. Magdalena Krön,  co-founder of

US Fundraising and Pitching Susanna Cerasuolo, CEO and founder at CollegeMapper, founder and President at College Solutions LLC as well as a part-time postgraduate at Exeter College, Oxford.

Team Forming and EU/UK Fundraising and Pitching Alice Taylor, CEO and co-founder of MakieLab and

Negotiating the value and equity of your startup Itxaso del Palacio, investment analyst at EC1 Capital, co-founder of Founders Fit and teaching fellow in entrepreneurship at UCL.


If you are interested in speaking at this event or have any other questions, please contact the Program Manager, Vanessa, at