Application for Code First: Girls open!

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Are you excited about the tech scene but don't know how to be a part of it?

Do you have lots of digital ideas that you'd like to see come true?

Are you determined, ambitious and willing to learn?

If so, apply here to Code First: Girls, a free course starting in November. In just one hour a week for seven weeks you will learn the basics of HTML and CSS, Git, and learn how to collaborate on GitHub. There will be a general course in London for women up to two years after graduation, and campus courses at the following UK universities: Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and Imperial. For those interested, there will also be a follow-on course next semester with ruby, ruby on rails, sinatra and other frameworks.

Learning to code is for those who want to build stuff and learn about the tech they use every day - what are you waiting for? Apply now!

Sally from Cambridge University, did the summer Code First: Girls course and said:

"It’s great how much technical knowledge I’ve gained from Code First: Girls, but to say that’s all I’ve come away with would be doing the course a great disservice. Learning to code with the other girls has been so much fun and I’ve come away with an invaluable network of incredible young women. If someone had told me before the course how much fun I was going to have with Code First: Girls this summer I probably wouldn’t have believed them. It was a fantastic experience and I honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough."


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