Explore the Science of Diversity

Our friends at ThoughtWorks are hosting an event which we think you fellow geekgirls might want to tag along to, the subject of the evening is Diversity!

ThoughtWorks deliver disruptive thinking and empowering technology to people with ambitious missions. We value diversity and invite you to attend an evening with Rebecca Parsons, CTO taking a scientific approach to answer the question 'are diverse teams better?' 

While diversity is often discussed from the perspective of fairness, there is support for the notion that diverse teams are more creative and better able to solve complex problems. This talk will pull together information from both general science and evolutionary computation to support the thesis that diverse teams are more creative.

There will also be an opportunity to network and find out about careers with ThoughtWorks. You can find out more here - we look forward to meeting you! Please contact @katielis52 for more information.