Who’d done it before me? There was no one I could identify with - SoundCloud tells why they support GGM

Hi I’m Emily, and I’m a Backend Engineer at SoundCloud. SoundCloud were one of the sponsors of the recent GeekGirlMeetup Conference on Ubiquitous Technology. Team GeekGirlMeetup (Josie, Robyn and Magdalena) invited us to write a blog post, and so I volunteered to write a bit about why SoundCloud wanted to sponsor GGM.


Supporting female role models

This is Viv Albertine talking about how she felt in the 70s before becoming the guitarist in The Slits:

Every cell in my body was steeped in music. But it never occurred to me that I could be in a band, not in a million years - why would it? Who’d done it before me? There was no one I could identify with. No girls played electric guitar. Especially not ordinary girls like me.

-- Viv Albertine

And just like it didn’t occur to Viv that she could be in a band, why would it occur to women that they can be geeks if they can’t see any female geeks?

That’s where GGM comes in. GGM highlights female role models in the digital and tech industry. The conference was a place where women could go, even if they wouldn’t usually go to a tech conference, and where they can see tech talks from other women, and if they want to give it a go, be supported to stand up and give a talk themselves. It’s normalising the idea of being a female geek, and helping women to take their rightful part in our brave new techy world.


Supporting the tech community

GeekGirlMeetup is grass-roots organisation ran by efforts of volunteers, working in their spare-time. As such sponsorship money is vital.


We’re hiring

Um, yes, not all our motivations are altruistic! Check out our jobs page and learn more about our team and the opportunities at SoundCloud.