Speaker's Announced for API Breakfast Meetup!

We're super excited to announce our lineup of speakers for our API breakfast meetup this Wednesday. We're sorry to say that we have sold out of tickets but we're looking in to recording the talks in the future so no one has to miss out. 


Camille Baldock

Camille is a software engineer whose favourite challenges are scalability, security and good API design. She is currently a Ruby contractor. When she isn't coding, she enjoys coaching aspiring developers, volunteering as a STEM ambassador and studying for an Open University law degree.

She is interested in tech policy and law, open source, and getting more women in tech.



Chris O'Dell

Chris is a Lead Developer at 7digital, one of London's premier digital download companies, where she heads up the API team. She has nearly ten years experience working on the back-ends of web based services, primarily in .Net, most recently focussing on Web APIs.

Chris has a keen interest in Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and Agile development practices. She lives in London and in her spare time has begun learning to play the Cello.

Sara Gozalo


Sara is a Software Engineer at BBC Radio & Music. She has been working on the new Playlister team, developing the Playlister Spotify App and working on the development of the Playlister website. She also helps to organize hackdays and innovation events related with Music&Tech inside the BBC. She has been involved in some startups in the last two years and tries to go to as many hackathons as possible in her spare time. 

Sara moved to London 2 years ago to study a Master in Businness, Telecommunications and Music; since then, she has been trying to mix her two big passions: music and technology. She plays the clarinet and piano, and she is a member of the Basement Orchestra in London. If there is a Music Hack Day anywhere around Europe...she will be there :).