5 Gadgets You Won't Want to Miss From Your Home in 2014

In the build up to our conference (and a hint towards this year's theme) Cass Brookes gives us a heads up on some of the coolest gadgets to hit your home in 2014. 

We are living in an age where gadgets and gizmos are everywhere! Some are designed to simply make our lives easier, some are here to help us to relax and others simply give us some enjoyment into our days. Whatever they are around for, we simply cannot live without many of them anymore. 

So what are the best gadgets to have in your home this year? Well that is the question and the answer comes straight down to your lifestyle, but here are some to wet your appetite.

A TV Bed.

Oh yes, you did read that right. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning, enjoy breakfast in bed and simply flick a switch that raises your TV seemingly out of nowhere so you can catch up on some news? Sounds like heaven. If you are looking for a new bed this summer, then a TV Bed is definitely not to be overlooked. On top of housing your TV within the foot board of the bed, many also have room for a DVD player. Great for when the kids want to stay in bed with you, or for restful nights of watching your favourite films = perfection.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

Our smart phones seem to be able to control the majority of things within our homes; from being used as a TV remote control through to control our lighting. Now they can even control our cooking! This crock pot is the first of its kind to be controlled by your smart phone. All you have to do is download the WeMo app for either IOS or Android. Once you have it set up you can control the temperature, control the timer and check the status of your dish....amazing!

4K TV’s

The TV market is booming and everyone seems to be bringing out something bigger, slimmer or with a better picture. So it is no wonder that 2014 is set to see something brand new on the home gadget market in the form of a TV. The 4K is the next step up from you high definition TV and is said to offer a sharper and brighter picture quality...the question is do we need one? Well if you are a fan of the latest technology and gadgets then you really should have a look at these beauties once they are released this year.

Goji Smart Lock

Securing your home is a must and let’s face it none of us would leave home without knowingly locking the doors and windows. Well as with everything in this modern age, we can now say goodbye to the traditional set of keys and control our home security using our smart phones. The Goji Smart Lock bypasses the need for any keys and allows you to get in and out of your home with a single tap from your smart phone. When all your doors are secured you will receive a text message telling you so. Admittedly this gadget is not for everyone, but if you want the latest home technology then this should not be over looked.

LG Home Chat

We have all left work and tried to wrack our brains as to whether there are any beers on the fridge or if we have any mince meat left. This age old problem has of course been overcome through the use of technology. The LG Home Chat allows you to text your fridge to find out what is inside; crazy I know but it works remarkably well. Along with being able to remind you what you have in your fridge, it also lets you text your washing machine to start or stop whilst you are out and even text a robotic vacuum cleaner to start working...if you have one that is.

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