Soundisplay are looking for audio/music interested developer.

Helen, the co-founder and COO of Soundisplay Ltd, a company created 3 years ago dropped us an email to ask if we could help seeding out a developer job opportunity for her. Off course we are happy to help. 

The below is what Helen sent us:

Soundisplay is a high-tech company developing and patenting innovative technology for the musical, industrial and entertainment industries. That includes intelligent sensors, software applications, physical interface and interactive software. We are a team of 12 people who share the same passion for music and high-technology. 

We are based at the heart of the music industry, at Metropolis Studios in West London, the most succesful independent recording studio In Europe, which is the hub of worldwide and major artists and producers.

The role will encompass collaborating with the front-end app team (Graphic Design, Front-end Developer, Audio Engineer and Software Architect) to implement JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 UIs for a variety of applications that interface with our in-house developed hardware platform and app store.

The skills we need are JavaScript, jQuery, UI/UX experience, HTML5/CSS3, JSON, AJAX.

Of course, interest in audio, music, DJ and production could help, as well as knowledge in unit testing, web services, GIT/Source control systems, Node.js, WebGL, XML, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud service.

The starting date would be asap. 

Please, do not hesitate to get back to me if you feel you could be available/interested in that position.

helen at soundisplay dot com