Join GGM speaker Paulina Sygulska at Unconventional Convention

You know you need to. Lose yourself. Forget the rules. Let the Rebel out.

Join one of Geek Girl's incredible speakers Paulina Sygulska at her Unconventional Convention on March 14th. 

If your idea of time well spent is a combination of a TED event with the Burning Man festival, you have finally found it. If you've ever felt like the odd one out, not quite accepting of social conventions and wanting more out of life, here you will find yourself at home. 

A fabulous lineup of internationally renowned speakers will leave you with plenty of inspiration and practical ideas how to finally live your life on your terms. Plus, you are in for the most beautiful night of partying you've had in months.

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Listen to, learn from, network - and have fun - with:

John Lee - it takes a True Rebel against social norms to do this. From the shopfloor of his parents Chinese takeaway in north England to multi million pound propety portfolio, sharing international speaking stages with people like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Bill Clinton, starting Wealth Dragons, and a variety of other businesses. John became a millionaire at the age of 27 and has since dedicated his career to showing others how they have the opportunity to do the same and is continually inspired by watching his students achieve the kind of success they thought they could only ever dream of.

Rikke Hansen - a bubble of positive energy and a serious fountain of knowledge who has so far helped over 500 professionals nail down WHAT they want to do, so they can refocus, change careers or design their ideal businessShe is a career change expert, entrepreneur, speaker AND the founder of Her advice has been featured in The Guardian, The Huffington Post and The Observer.

Zoe Charles a.k.a. Lady Cheek - trained actress and a totally charismatic business woman who changed the shape of the London burlesque scene by starting a school and releasing a crowd of self-assured, unique and simply fabulous showgirls into the world. I learnt burlesque in her The Cheek Of It school, and letting the rebel (or, in this case, the cheeky showgirl!) out was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

Zoe will tell her super inspiring story of how she conceived the idea and reached out for it, and perform a fragment of her acclaimed biographical solo show Memoirs of Slutsky.

Hayley Quinn - London's top dating coach, featured on Channel 4, ITV, Sunrise on 7, and errrr Made in Chelsea. Helped thousands of men and women improve their dating lives, and (I'm told) lives a legendary social life bursting at the seams with famous friends, fashion week party invites and unbelievably hot dates with both gorgeous men and glam ladies.

When I first met Hayley at one of London's girls only sex parties, she was giving a hilarious and quite practical tutorial on the "coital gaze" one would typically perform during those tense and meaningful few seconds just before the first kiss.

Miss Morphic - multimedia artist, uni lecturer, cabaret events promoter and performer. In her own words, videos are her fetish, and having worked her on a few occasions it’s hard to disagree.

Miss Morphic's recently developed multimedia performance art act blew my mind and I promised to become her slave in return for her bringing it to the next Unconventional Convention. She happily accepted. 'Nuff said.

Surprise Act: A charismatic and rebellious beatbox + vocal duo currently taking the London open mic scene by storm promised to perform a few of their best tunes to get you in the best spirits for the party to follow.