Introducing speakers for Big Data meetup

We are happy to introduce the speakers of our next event On Big Data - what is it all about? at Shoreditch House on 15th April. Hope to see you there! 

Kriti Sharma - Barclays 

VP, Data Strategy and Product Owner, Real-time Big Data Analytics at Barclays where she also drives group-wide Open Source adoption. Recently led Product Management for the Mobile Payments app Barclays Pingit. Award winner for leadership and innovation in technology. Kriti is also a Google Grace Hopper Scholar, Govt. of India’s Young Leader in Science, has served on a Research and Leadership Programme initiated by the Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India and currently sits on the Google Anita Borg Panel to promote Computer Science.

Merici Vinton - IDEO OI Engine

Merici is a co-founder of Ada's List, a forum for women in technology in London and globally. As an MBA grad with a passion for change, she sees technology as a means to solving problems -- not an end to itself. 

After working on the Obama New Media team, Merici moved to DC because she wanted to help bridge the gap between government and people -- and figured websites and citizen-centric technology was a great place to start (nothing like picking an easy battle, eh?). Merici built the web team for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and led the successful and praised launch of Her work at the CFPB was featured on the cover of Businessweek, as well as in the New York Times, CNN, and the L.A Times.  

Merici now works at IDEO's SaaS innovation platform, OI Engine. At OI Engine, Merici leads business development and is a client lead who brings a wealth of experience in online engagement and scaling organizations. 

Anna Gruebler - Altviz 

Anna is the Head Data Scientist at Altviz. She has a PhD in artificial intelligence and first worked on big noisy data analysis while working on high frequency biosignal classification from multiple sources for facial expression recognition. She's now been lured away from academics and joined Altviz and is working on machine learning solutions using Big Data.

Anna will bring her academic experience and show the opportunities for big data analysis that are out there for small companies!