Startup of the month Mailbird with CEO Andrea Loubier

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Andrea Loubier, @aloubier, CEO of mail client MailBird has just launched her startup and recieved wonderful press from TechCrunch and LifeHacker

How does it feel after launch and wonderful press? Right now I am leading a ridiculously awesome team that spans Europe, Asia, and America. Together we are creating MailBird an email app designed for Windows users. I live and work in Bali and love every minute of what I am doing. Today, I am networking like crazy reaching out to the people who care about online communication in our current world of IT overload. Everyday I am inspired by women who are also taking leading roles in the tech startup world, it is awesome. I enjoy life by the beach, surfing, eating great spicy food (I am the queen of spicy food!), and dancing a lot! What makes me excited most though is working with really talented people from all over the world that totally inspire me. I love being able to be the communicator, the glue that holds our team together, and most of all I love to make people laugh.

You have been called the Sparrow for Windows, thats very flattering. Can you tell us about how MailBird came about? During an entrepreneur getaway meetup in Bal, two of our hybrid OS co-founders (Michael & Michael), dynamically working on both Mac and PC really enjoyed their email experience with Sparrow on Mac. They couldn't find that same experience for email on Windows. Realizing the underserved market of really great UI design on the Windows platform, and the roll out of Window 8's modern design, a "magical mall application" was born. Mailbird. Sparrow was 10 years into development to get to where they are. We are just say of 1 year in, and Mailbird is already better. Our team rocks!

Whats in the future for Mailbird, whats planned? Next will be not only continuing to optimize the app by direct feedback from our beta testers, but unravelling the next hot Mailbird features that take email management and hitting inbox 0 to the next level. We're looking at a unified inbox to manage many different accounts and Wingman. Details and first hands on experience will be exclusive to beta testers. You'll have to try it to get access! Who knows...we may consider dabbling on mobile platforms, since mobile has become a really great sidekick to native email applications.

Thank you for participating!

Here is an update from this weekend: With a lot of effort, skill, love and creativity and dedication some brave developers, designers and ideators created some brilliant new ways of giving to charity. Hope to see you all soon again. Our other hackathons

  • 17+18th With TIGA (The Gaming Association) - SignupLinc
  • 24+25th of November at Google Campus with the theme #hollidayHacks - SignupLinc.

Also a huge thanks to our sponsors for supporting us with cookies, beers(Eventbrite), prizemoney (Thoughtworks) and prizes (General Assembly)!

Also thanks to all our Mentors, it would not have been the same without you: Sarah Kelly (Coadec), Courtney Meyers (General Assembly) Amy Whitney (GDS), Arthi Viswanath (Thought Works), Minno (Thought Works), Niharika Harharan (Seren), Robin Exton (Dattch), Carla Garcia- Montero (LuluVise) and PhD. Itxaso Del Palacio (UCL).

The winner: Little Battles Big Change

Make giving fun! Mini challenges between friends – the winner's favourite charity gets the reward.@littlebattles Team Helen Mair, designer, @melon1pear0 Mikki Stratton-Monck, designer, @justmikki Jenny Atmer, developer, @jennyatmer Bea Winogradska, business, @beawino

The second runner up: Date and Donate Speed dating app which uses the traditional method of 'rating your date' incentive to donate money to a charity of your choice.

Team Amy Whitney - Designer @amywhitney Nikita Thakrar - Idea @nikita_thakrar

Third runner up: The I win, you win! 

Help people achieve goals with the support of friends and family, while raising money for their favourite charity.

Team Wendy Kwan @08w80 Katie McPhee @ktmcphee Heatha Corinne Pritchard Silvia Salvet

Other events


Friday 2nd November - Sunday 4th November Open Data Instutite, London

Not just a weekend hackathon, but a chance to change lives and become the entrepreneur you've always wanted to be. Come along to this free weekend event and meet like minded health and fitness enthusiasts, enjoy some good food, and work on exciting open data projects with the chance to win long term support and prizes including a desk at the newly launched ODI co-working space.

Rapid FTR Rapid FTR at Thought WorksRapid FTR (Family tracing and reunification)

FOUNDERS FIT If you are looking for a co-founder for your startup or you are looking to join a startup as a co-founder get involved in the full day "Ideate and Prototype for Charities" event on November 1st and the "Women Entrepreneur Lunch Series" throughout the next year.


GeekGirlMeetup & The GivingLab do Hack Days - aim to find new ways of giving with API's.

TheGivingLab continues it’s autumn collaborations with GeekGirlMeetup for two Hack Days at General Assembly on the 13+14th of October. Aiming to come up with new ways of giving with charity API’s and one launched idea by 2013, the Hack Days bring together talent in coding, ideas and design. WHY THE GIVING LABS API’S FOR NEW WAYS OF GIVING? Sometimes charity things can get a bit earnest and serious. We want our hack days to be creative wildcards that get deployed into the real world.

Eventbrite - GeekGirlMeetup Hackathon with The Giving LabThose new things could be new fundraising tools, charity betting apps, games, Facebook apps that harness social connections for good causes, or brand new products that deliver charitable benefits. Bringing different tones, modern branding and inspiration. There are no gimmicks, large prizes or freebies for attending – it’s all about making stuff people want, and that stuff making a difference.

SPORT A BADGE We just created a badge for all the participants to wear proudly on their blog or web. This is the code to use:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="GeekGirlmeetup Hack days with the GivingLab" width="202" /></a>

WHO WILL PARTICIPATE? Developers, backend, UI/UX designers, designers, idea-makers of all creative sorts. Cross-disciplinary teams will be formed on location. Sign up here

PROGRAMME Upon arrival, the 50 female participants will be able to hear previous participants experience and inspiration, ideate new ideas, create groups and start working. The hack days will be facilitated with planned mentorship meetups to keep everyone up to speed and ensure no team is left behind. Eventbrite is sponsoring the lunch - yum! Time: Saturday 10:00-22:00, Sunday 10:00-17. More Prize and adress details: here.

API's Here are the two sets of API's that we support during the event. 

Hackathons run on adrenaline, we know that, the thrill is high and everybody aims to launch that app by next weekend. Well - thats is if wet wednesday doesn’t happen first, when you need to catch up with everything that you missed during the weekend from you “real life” and by friday your up to new adventures... Sounds familiar? Well, we’ve thought about that and that’s why we have chosen to actively support and award the winning team to launch their app/site/idea with a proper bootcamp from heaven to help you launch a track-recordable project to be proud of for a life time.

We are awarding the winners a bootcamp from heaven with:

  1. Cash prizes, nothing big, but enough to cover a few days work to complete and release the winning project.
  2. Education (by General Assembly) to help complete projects and to help market winning ideas.
  3. Coaching mentors, prior and after the event.
  4. A one year free pressroom from MyNewsdesk. Communicate that app, let the right tools do the work for you!

MENTORS Courtney Boyd Myers, Director of Audience Development for General Assembly in Europe focused on fortifying the future of technology through education.

Amy Whitney is an interaction designer currently working on where she is helping transform the way that Government Digital Services work. Before then she was working agency side designing Win 8, native and web applications for the likes of Vodafone and 02.

Robyn Exton is the founder of Dattch, a location based lesbian dating app. Before setting up Dattch, Robyn spent 5 years at global brand consultancy Calling Brands working on clients from large corporates such as Sainsburys and Holiday Inn to startups such as In-deed.

Sara Kelly is the Policy and Development Manager at Coadec. She works with hundreds of entrepreneurs to take the message of growth and vibrancy in the digital startup sector to Government. She campaigns on policy and regulatory issues that affect the tech sector in order to better inform parliamentarians on how to encourage tech startups to grow. Sara has previously worked for a PR consultancy where she led the company's digital communications, and for a current cabinet member.

Itxaso del Palacio Aguirre, PhD, teaches entrepreneurship at UCL; is the co-founder of Founders Fit; and is an investment analyst at EC1 Capital. She is passionate for mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs while setting up their own companies. She has worked with entrepreneurs in Spain, Silicon Valley and the UK.

RIGHTS TO APPS? The initiators and creators of the apps will be credited. All apps and code created will be licensed and released under a CC (creative commons) license for charitable use.

PRIZES We're really keen to make things happen in the real world. So I've managed to get some great prizes for teams that want to go beyond the weekend, use api's and get stuff released ....

1. £ 200 in cash - to take your team out for a great dinner (Thanks to ThoughtWorks) 2. Educational classes from Genreal Assembly to help you refine your idea. 3. A newsroom from MyNewsdesk to promote your project and make it a success.


The giving Lab hack days want to bring together groups of passionate people with a variety of skills in coding, business ideas, marketing and design to create radically new ways of giving, based on charity API's.

The Giving Lab is a initiative by the See The Difference (Registered Charity: 1127980), aiming to create new ways of giving to charities. We are supported by NESTA, Comic Relief, The Baring Foundation, Cabinet Office, Nominent Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Pears Foundation and Serene.  is a un-conference for women about web, code & startups, creating new female role models, networks and active knowledge exchange.


SPONSORS General Assembly is a global network of campuses for individuals seeking opportunity and education in technology, business, and design.




ThoughtWorks develop technology and sponsor the cash prizes for launched apps.

 MyNewsdesk - Your digital press-room online.

Eventbrite - is a website that allows event organizers to plan, set up ticket sales and promote events of any size and publicize them across Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from the site's interface.

G-tug invites to Dart Happy hour before hackathon

G-tug (google Technology group) has an event at Google Campus May 11th and May 12th, a hackathon as part of Google's Dart Happy HourSign up here!

Dart is structured web programmingfor the entire modern web. Like a good draught, Dart is fresh yet familiar, with unique touches that help create a delightful new experience for aficionados of software development. Dart delivers a smooth pour of a new language, libraries, virtual machine, and compilation to modern JavaScript. Dart will make web development crisp and refreshing again.

ThoughtWorks sponsors GeekGirlMeetup

The software company ThoughtWorks have recently partnered with GeekGirlMeetup and we are delighted to have them as our sponsor! ThoughtWorks have a reputation as the custom software experts and are seen as leaders in the industry. Thought works is looking for new talent so please have a look here if you think this is a place where you could thrive!

ThoughtWorks is a software company. We’re also an amazing collection of humans, hired for our passion, integrity and special powers. The company was founded as a social experiment – what happens when you hire really smart, passionate people and set them loose on really tough problems? 19 years on, this collection of people has helped shape the IT industry. The problem we set ourselves now is to use software to improve humanity - becoming a role model for 21st century socially responsible companies.