Presentations from UX talks @Shoreditch House

Thank you all that made it to our event on UX in partnership with Yahoo at Shoreditch House, what a wonderful venue that is, I'd love for the Secret Garden to be mine! 


On topic, here are the presentations from the day so even though you couldn't make it you can still gain some of the awesome knowledge these ladies shared with us. 


Intro to UX - Frances Eida from AnalogFolk. Presentation can be downloaded here


Anna Dahlstrom then took the floor and spoke about Building Device Agnostic UX systems


Tasnim from our Sponsor Yahoo took the opportunity to tell us all a bit more about how Yahoo works with and sees UX as part of the business, really interesting! Presentation is here.


Last but not least we had Sarah Morris taking us through what she thinks the future has in store when it comes to UX. Her deck is here

Make it at least three.

"Don’t change [your company culture] by hiring or promoting just one woman, she’ll be isolated and surrounded by the status quo and will have to adapt to it, and she won’t be able to make a difference. Two women doesn’t work either. Make it at least three. Three or more women at the top of your creative department, on your management team, on your board begin to make a real difference and change the environment, the culture and the output.” 


Quote from an excellent article on Slate about companies trying to recruit women. What is your top tips?