GGM Featured in Elle Campaign #ELLEFeminism #morewomen

We're so thrilled to be featured in the latest issue of Elle UK magazine and the #morewomen campaign. It's such an important initiative that aims to celebrate the global power of women's collectives in a playful, engaging way. 

To join in on the campaign just post a photo of yourself with your powerful group of women on Instagram/Twitter/FB, along with this  pledge: ‘One woman's success makes EVERY WOMAN STRONGER. More women for #morewomen #ELLEFeminism.'

Introducing Speakers for The changing face of advertising meetup

On Thursday night we'll be hosting an advent at Albion Drive  on the The changing face of advertising, 

Meet three women working in the advertising and media industries that are at the forefront of pushing new boundaries with technology and please get a ticket for Thursday.


Lynne Hamilton – Director European Partnerships, Intent Media

Lynne has dedicated her career to driving rapid growth in companies. She recently moved to London from New York City to serve as Director of European Partnerships for Intent Media, a fast-growing startup that helps online travel companies unlock their full revenue potential with innovative, high-margin advertising products powered by predictive analytics.

 Prior to Intent Media, Lynne was Director of Sales and Marketing at Moji, a Chicago-based startup specialising in recovery products for endurance athletes. She oversaw the development of Moji's go-to-market strategies and growth of their ecommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses.

 @hitchham / LinkedIn

Sadie Spooner – Commercial Manager, UnRuly Media

Sadie is Commercial Manager at Unruly, one of the UK's most prominent ad tech companies. After managing UK marketing for a leading regeneration company, she joined Unruly in 2014, successfully launching a new video analytics product that helps Marketers to understand and optimise online video performance. Sadie now oversees commercial projects at Unruly, with the goal of using their existing programmatic video ad tech stack to solve new challenges in new markets.

@sadiespooner / LinkedIn

Sofia Quintero – Founder & CEO, NomNom insights

The former Head of Growth at Geckoboard, Sofia founded NomNom insights, a customer feedback aggregator which enables users to make better product and marketing decisions, earlier this year. 

She has been mentoring startups at General Assembly, as Digital Marketing instructor, and for the Startup Institute the last 3 years. Sofia also writes at

 @sofiaqt / LinkedIn

Introducing speakers for Big Data meetup

We are happy to introduce the speakers of our next event On Big Data - what is it all about? at Shoreditch House on 15th April. Hope to see you there! 

Kriti Sharma - Barclays 

VP, Data Strategy and Product Owner, Real-time Big Data Analytics at Barclays where she also drives group-wide Open Source adoption. Recently led Product Management for the Mobile Payments app Barclays Pingit. Award winner for leadership and innovation in technology. Kriti is also a Google Grace Hopper Scholar, Govt. of India’s Young Leader in Science, has served on a Research and Leadership Programme initiated by the Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India and currently sits on the Google Anita Borg Panel to promote Computer Science.

Merici Vinton - IDEO OI Engine

Merici is a co-founder of Ada's List, a forum for women in technology in London and globally. As an MBA grad with a passion for change, she sees technology as a means to solving problems -- not an end to itself. 

After working on the Obama New Media team, Merici moved to DC because she wanted to help bridge the gap between government and people -- and figured websites and citizen-centric technology was a great place to start (nothing like picking an easy battle, eh?). Merici built the web team for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and led the successful and praised launch of Her work at the CFPB was featured on the cover of Businessweek, as well as in the New York Times, CNN, and the L.A Times.  

Merici now works at IDEO's SaaS innovation platform, OI Engine. At OI Engine, Merici leads business development and is a client lead who brings a wealth of experience in online engagement and scaling organizations. 

Anna Gruebler - Altviz 

Anna is the Head Data Scientist at Altviz. She has a PhD in artificial intelligence and first worked on big noisy data analysis while working on high frequency biosignal classification from multiple sources for facial expression recognition. She's now been lured away from academics and joined Altviz and is working on machine learning solutions using Big Data.

Anna will bring her academic experience and show the opportunities for big data analysis that are out there for small companies!

Win yourself some smart erotica courtesy of Paola Kathuria!

Remember Paola that was one of our Sextech panelists at the September conference? (Hint - she was the one with blue hair) - she has written a collection of short erotica stories and we have 10 copies to give away to our dear GGM community!

All you have to do to win is to tweet @ggmuk using #ggmgiveaway telling us about your favourite thing from 2014 - we will pick our 10 favourites by 12pm on Monday and send you a DM if you won. 

“Fingers & Tongues” is smart erotica with men and women as sexual collaborators. Paola Kathuria’s book contains seven short sex stories specifically written to be hot enough to get you off but with a focus on female pleasure. The vanilla stories cover male-female, group, female-female scenarios.

Originally, written for an online forum with 250,000 readers, the stories have been professionally edited and reworked for the book. The editing, design and printing of the book was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in May 2014.


• appealing equally to men and women

• strong female characters

• a focus on the delight in giving pleasure

• descriptive but brief story introductions

• uninterrupted explicit sexual descriptions

• strong stories that can be enjoyed over and over

• well-written and with proper editing


Gillian Ashton on Goodreads:

The stories in this novel are an ideal size, straight to the nitty gritty which is what readers of this genre want. The mixture of tales is great, suitable for every taste and individual. I very much doubt that readers will not finish this book feeling titillated and stimulated. It’s definitely staying on my shelf to be read and reread!

Christina Harding Erotica:

What really struck me while reading the short stories in fingers & tongues was the vast variety between all of them. Paola skillfully transitions between writing heterosexual and homosexual encounters.

Frequently when I read a book of short stories they tend to feel formulaic; however, this was not the case with fingers & tongues. I would not have been surprised if this was an anthology of short stories written by a variety of authors. And so I am genuinely impressed with Paola's versatility as a writer. With this being said, I would suspect that there is something for everyone in this eclectic collection. If one story doesn't turn you on (literally) I'm sure you'll find another that would do the trick. on Reaching for the Moon:

Paola's erotica is well written and engaging, significantly better than some published erotica that I've read.

Paola told me that she wants her erotica to be more arousing for the reader, more pornographic. It certainly did the job it was assigned. 'Reaching for the Moon' doesn't mess around. A few sentences into the story the action begins and it doesn't slow down. There's no resolution, just a climax. A long, long climax that extends beyond the story once it's finished. The ending does something unique, it gives the reader the chance to finish the story for themselves and it stuck with me long after I finished reading.

Women's pleasure is highlighted in this story, something that is not prevalent in non-feminist porn.

Paola's erotica delivers what the author intended it to: a story to turn you on. Quality writing makes the story enjoyable to read and a brilliant imagination made ‘Reaching for the Moon' one of the hottest erotica short stories that I've read.

Get the first story - Reaching for the Moon - as a free download from iTunes