Thank you for participating!

Here is an update from this weekend: With a lot of effort, skill, love and creativity and dedication some brave developers, designers and ideators created some brilliant new ways of giving to charity. Hope to see you all soon again. Our other hackathons

  • 17+18th With TIGA (The Gaming Association) - SignupLinc
  • 24+25th of November at Google Campus with the theme #hollidayHacks - SignupLinc.

Also a huge thanks to our sponsors for supporting us with cookies, beers(Eventbrite), prizemoney (Thoughtworks) and prizes (General Assembly)!

Also thanks to all our Mentors, it would not have been the same without you: Sarah Kelly (Coadec), Courtney Meyers (General Assembly) Amy Whitney (GDS), Arthi Viswanath (Thought Works), Minno (Thought Works), Niharika Harharan (Seren), Robin Exton (Dattch), Carla Garcia- Montero (LuluVise) and PhD. Itxaso Del Palacio (UCL).

The winner: Little Battles Big Change

Make giving fun! Mini challenges between friends – the winner's favourite charity gets the reward.@littlebattles Team Helen Mair, designer, @melon1pear0 Mikki Stratton-Monck, designer, @justmikki Jenny Atmer, developer, @jennyatmer Bea Winogradska, business, @beawino

The second runner up: Date and Donate Speed dating app which uses the traditional method of 'rating your date' incentive to donate money to a charity of your choice.

Team Amy Whitney - Designer @amywhitney Nikita Thakrar - Idea @nikita_thakrar

Third runner up: The I win, you win! 

Help people achieve goals with the support of friends and family, while raising money for their favourite charity.

Team Wendy Kwan @08w80 Katie McPhee @ktmcphee Heatha Corinne Pritchard Silvia Salvet

Other events


Friday 2nd November - Sunday 4th November Open Data Instutite, London

Not just a weekend hackathon, but a chance to change lives and become the entrepreneur you've always wanted to be. Come along to this free weekend event and meet like minded health and fitness enthusiasts, enjoy some good food, and work on exciting open data projects with the chance to win long term support and prizes including a desk at the newly launched ODI co-working space.

Rapid FTR Rapid FTR at Thought WorksRapid FTR (Family tracing and reunification)

FOUNDERS FIT If you are looking for a co-founder for your startup or you are looking to join a startup as a co-founder get involved in the full day "Ideate and Prototype for Charities" event on November 1st and the "Women Entrepreneur Lunch Series" throughout the next year.