Film & QA Session, Code: Debugging the Gender Gap

The Frontline Club have a documentary film screening coming up in September
which we think sounds ace and very related to us women in tech.

On 11 September they will be showing Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, to be followed by a Q&A with director Robin Hauser Reynolds.  

At a time when the tech U.S. sector outpaces the growth of the country's employment market, Code asks an important question: Where are all the women? This revealing and empowering documentary examines the reasons why more girls are not seeking opportunities in computer science and explores how cultural mindsets, stereotypes, educational hurdles and sexism all play a role in widening this employment gap.  

You can view the trailer and book tickets here:

The Magic of Machine Learning @Swiftkey

On Wednesday 3rd September we teamed up with the fabolous people at Swiftkey to teach our ladies all about the Magic of Machine Learning. We had no less then 4 speakers lined up for the breakfast meetup. For you who doesn't know, Swiftkey are the guys behind the handy swipy keyboard that predicts what you are going to write.


First up was Swiftkey's Language Engineer Cătălina Hallett covering the basics to get everyone up to speed - A basic intro to Machine Learning. You can enjoy the presentation here.  The slide that got the best break-through was the below on question whether Hello Kitty was a cat or a girl? What do you think? 

Next up was SwiftKey's senior UX designer Anna Alfut presenting her thoughts on design for Machine Learning technologies, her best tip - think about the context when you design! Her presentation can be found here

We then had Chloe from EDITD sharing how the fashion data tool uses machine learning to match up their categorisation with their clients stocks. 

Finally Mital Kinderkhedia a Machine Learning Research Student at UCL who told us all about what we can expect from the future of machine learning. She explained that the next big thing in machine learning is deep learning, aiming to bring machine learning closer to Artificial Intelligence. Presentation here

All talks were excellent and the GeekGirl (and actually there were some GeekBoys too) trylu enjoyed this GGM breakfast meetup and so did we!

/Josie and The GGM UK Team