Bonnier Accelerator sponsors GeekGirlMeetup

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We are very happy to announce that the talent initiative Bonnier D2D and entrepreneur program Bonnier Accelerator will be Silver Sponsors of the GeekGirlMeetup.

Bonnier Accelerator is a unique business accelerator enabling developers, business minds and creatives to spend three months (with salary) developing a media idea or startup. Apply here!

The official deadline for applying is May 13, but since Bonnier Accelerator doesn't want to miss out on any GeekGirls applying, they will open the application page again May 25-30, in connection to GeekGirlMeetup in Stockholm.

Bonnier D2D, together with sponsors like Binero, Academic Work, Tekniska Museet, Klarna, SVT, Carnaby, Aftonbladet, FDVK and 23video make a great lineup supporting GeekGirlMeetup in the goal of elevating more female role models in web, code and startups. Hats off to Bonnier!

We asked Bodil Ericsson Torp, Director of Communications & Human Development at Bonnier AB, to tell us more. She's one of the six jury members for Bonnier Accelerator and also responsible for Bonnier D2D and the focus on digital talent within the Bonnier group.

Hello Bodil, can you tell us more about Bonnier D2D?

The media industry is changing incredibly quickly right now and we’ve seen a need to put the spotlight on and support our digital talents, as well as to create more arenas where people can exchange knowledge and experience. Bonnier D2D is a long-term initiative that includes several programs, such as the Bonnier Digital Forum, an event series where Bonnier staff meet to discuss and hear about a very current topic. And Bonnier Accelerator, the entrepreneur program you mention.

How does Bonnier Accelerator work?

It’s for entrepreneurs who would like to take a media idea with a digital focus and develop it within a big media group. You apply at, where you upload a video pitching yourself and your idea. A jury will look over the applications and decide who will get to take part. You can even apply if you don’t have a specific idea – it’s just as important to have an entrepreneurial spirit and drive. If you don’t have an idea, we’ll match you with a project that fits your profile. Those who are chosen will get office space, a salary, a mentor, lots of networking opportunities and support to develop a business plan.

Why is the program only three months?

We believe that three months is a good amount of time to develop a business plan and take an idea to the next level. We’re also an organization that believes in the power of the individual, we believe more in tailored rather than standardized programs and the way forward will look different for different people. After three months, an evaluation will be made and there will be many possible ways to move forward if everyone feels that the cooperation works. That’s one of the advantages of being part of a big company.

Who should apply?

We have high hopes we’ll get some great applicants from GeekGirlMeetup! We’re looking for creative talents who think in new ways, are strong-willed and have a real business sense. It feels like we’ve come to the right place. Which is also why even though the application period ends May 13, we’ll be opening up the site again in connection to the GeekGirlMeetup late May, in case we missed any GeekGirlMeetup participants. Check out our site – and talk with us at Tekniska Museet (The National Museum of Science and Technology) so we can tell you more!


The Golden Rules of Leadership

Together we create better opportunities for women to take on leadership positions!

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 23.41.43 The Golden Rules of Leadership is an initiative to increase the possibilities for women to reach and take on leadership positions. I, as a business leader, opinion-maker, entrepreneur, and change-maker, support a more diverse group of future leaders by signing on and contribute to making a difference – starting here!

Take the Pledge here:

GeekGirlMeetup at Oxford University

Geek Girl Meetup is holding its first ever University showcase un-conference at Oxford University on February 17th, between 13.00 and 18.00 at the Founders Room in the Said Business School. The afternoon will revolve around empowering more female students that are interested in technology and entrepreneurship. There will be 8 distinguished female entrepreneurs and technologists that will speak about what it is like to found a company, and go through a product lifecycle (idea, concept, design, development, marketing, financing, and growth). There will also be discussions allowing every participant to share their knowledge with others and ask questions.

Geek Girl Meetup's goal is to create new networks and elevate female role models in the tech industry. Eventbrite - GeekGIrlMeetup at Oxford University Date: February 17th, 2013 Time: 13.00 - 18.00 Location: at the Founders Room in the Said Business School, Oxford, United Kingdom

We are also very proud to have KING as sponsors making it possible to have the event, thank you KING!KING tiny GeekGirlMeetup

The below speakers are confirmed and the event will start at 13.00 so please arrive earlier, the founders room in the Said Business School will open from 12.30pm on the day:

The Plunge (deciding that you want to start a company)  Dawn Draisey, founder at Viewed Media.

Idea to Creation Janna Bastow, Head of Product at BraveNewTalent, the founder and a hacker behind prodPad, and the co-founder of European Product Group, the folks behind,ProductTank, and ProductCamp London. Her blog is SimplyBastow.

Product Design and User Experience Cecile Baird, is a designer who brought Product Design Guild from Silicon Valley to London.

Building an MVP (10 steps) Robyn Exton, founder at Dattch.

Marketing, SEO and Social Media Amber Raney-Kincade, founder at Raney-Kincade and Marketing Specialist.

Thoughts on Customer Development. Magdalena Krön,  co-founder of

US Fundraising and Pitching Susanna Cerasuolo, CEO and founder at CollegeMapper, founder and President at College Solutions LLC as well as a part-time postgraduate at Exeter College, Oxford.

Team Forming and EU/UK Fundraising and Pitching Alice Taylor, CEO and co-founder of MakieLab and

Negotiating the value and equity of your startup Itxaso del Palacio, investment analyst at EC1 Capital, co-founder of Founders Fit and teaching fellow in entrepreneurship at UCL.


If you are interested in speaking at this event or have any other questions, please contact the Program Manager, Vanessa, at

22 November 2012- The Girls Hacking Club present a ‘women in technology’ panel

The information technology revolution is transforming almost every aspect of society, but girls and women are largely out of the loop. Although women surf the Web in equal numbers to men and make a majority of online purchases, few are involved in the design and creation of new technology. It is mostly men whose perspectives and priorities inform the development of computing innovations and who reap the lion's share of the financial rewards. As only a small fraction of high school and college computer science students are female, the field is likely to remain a "male clubhouse," absent major changes.(quoted from Jane Margolis is Senior Researcher at the Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access at UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. She is the coauthor of the award-winning Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women and Computing (MIT Press).

The Girls Hacking Club present a ‘women in technology’ panel

 Panel: Nela Brown (panel chair, G.Hack), Pollie Barden (G.Hack), Anna-Maria Spehar-Deleze (WISE@QMUL), Salzitsa Anastasova-Ivanova (WISE@QMUL), Paula Graham (Flossie), Carrie Ann Philbin (Geek Gurl Diaries) and Heidi Harman (Girl Geek Meetup)

Nela Brown is a sound artist/ technologist and researcher. She is currently doing her PhD at Queen Mary, University of London where she is also a Chair of G.Hack and WISE@QMUL. G.Hack is a collective of female researchers at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science focusing on sharing knowledge and developing interactive media projects through collaboration with other universities, art organizations and industry partners. In 2011 G.Hack received funding from QMUL which kick-started a series of public engagement activities.

Pollie Barden is a visual artist, game designer, web designer and technophile. She earned an M.S.P. from the Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University and is currently doing her PhD in Media Arts and Technology at Queen Mary, University of London where she is also a member of G.Hack and in charge of co-ordinating departmental qMedia Hack Days. 

Anna-Maria Spehar-Deleze and Salzitsa Anastasova-Ivanova are postdoctoral researchers at the School of Engineering and Material Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London and members of the WISE@QMUL committee. WISE@QMUL (The Women in Science and Engineering Society) was set up in 2008 as an informal group for discussion and networking amongst QMUL students interested in the role of female participation in science. The society currently has 130 members spread across the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and welcomes men as well as women from undergraduate level to professors. In 2012 the society received substantial funding from QMUL, which enabled them to organize seminars, talks, workshops and socials in 2012 and will ensure sustainable growth in years to come.

Paula Graham is a director of Fossbox; a non-profit offering consultancy on collaborative working, peer support and peer training and co-founder of Flossie; a collective of women from digital and arts organisations sharing a common commitment to celebrating and enabling women’s contribution to FLOSS culture. The first Flossie conference was held in May 2012 at Queen Mary University of London and was followed by a 3 day ‘Career Taster’ in October 2012 at The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park.

Carrie Ann Philbin is a KS3 ICT Subject Leader & Google Certified Teacher at Robert Clack School in Dagenham. She is a Creator of the Geek Gurl Diaries, a youtube video series designed to inspire more teenage girls to take up STEM and Computing subjects.   @geekgurldiaries

Heidi Harman is a serial entrepreneur, mentor and speaker and also co-founder of Geek Girl Meetup. She is currently working on her new startup in the mobile finance sector.  @heidiharman