We are the GeekGirls.

A group of passionate women working in the digital and tech industries. 

We like to meetup.

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We Meetup

We organise breakfast meetups about every six weeks in London. They're an opportunity to meet fellow Geek Girls. Every time we have awesome women sharing their inspirational stories, expertise and advice on how to succeed in tech, design and startups.

We Blog

We write. And we like it when you ladies write for us to. Inspiring stories, event write-ups, highs and lows - anything you feel you'd like to share with the rest of the Geek Girls. We're always looking for new content, so if you're looking for a platform, get in touch.

We Speak

Our ambition is to get more women on to the stage to share their knowledge! We talk regularly at events and, in order to encourage others to do so, provide a list of all the great women talking in the industry. If you're looking for a female speaker, step into our office.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

There are many people who have supported and helped us to build Geek Girl Meetup into what it is today. We have regular sponsors that we think are the bees knees. Not in a sucky uppy way, in a you - should really check these people out kinda way. Read more about them, and check out their sites here.