GeekGirl Meetup London is a community of women working in tech, design and startups.

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Rija Javed, CTO MarketInvoice

Rija Javed, CTO MarketInvoice

We Speak

Our ambition is to get more women on stage to share their knowledge. We showcase thought leaders in tech, startups and design. If you'd like to speak at our event (maybe your first public talk), can recommend a brilliant speaker, or are looking for a list of inspiring speakers please get in touch.


Photo Credit: Tracy Howl

Photo Credit: Tracy Howl

We Meetup

We are a community of women in tech. Through our monthly events and our yearly conference we connect women to opportunities, insight and inspiration to build their career. Sign up to our mailing list and follow us on twitter to hear what we’ve got planned.

Veronique Barbosa, COO of Flux

Veronique Barbosa, COO of Flux

We Collaborate

We’ve collaborated on panel discussions, coding workshops, hackathons and summer parties. If you have an idea for an event that you think would inspire the GeekGirl community, or if you’d like to host one of our events please get in touch.

Thank you to our Sponsor Pillar Project! 

The Pillar Project is creating an easy to use crypto wallet for the people of the world. Pillar's core values are transparency, inclusivity and diversity; something that is highly visible in their team. As such, supporting a female pipeline of future and present technologists, through GeekGirl Meetup, is the Pillar way! And we thank them for it!